MailCleaner Releases

Nur die wichtigsten Updates werden hier aufgelistet.

2018.06 JESSIE - Second quarter 2018   
– Wizard installer rebuilded
– DB sync problems corrected
– Automatic update script for next updates
– Bayesian databases downloads improvement
– Email adresses matching improvement
– Improving the first startup of the VA
– Typos removed
– IPv6 bug in exim configuration fixe
– Fixes in the REST API
– Allows the addition of entries to sudoers
– Implemented the anti-breakdown system

2018.02 JESSIE – First quarter 2018 improvements   

– ‎New VM package compatibility and stability.
– Kernel update following Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities discovery.
– Automatic update after first network interface initialization
– [bug] Automatic update request before installation wizard launch

2017.09 JESSIE – Fourth quarter 2017 improvements   
– ‎[bug] SMTP banner corrected to reflect Community Edition by default.
– [bug, ui] Corrected: choice of a country other than Afghanistan (improper filter on the field)
– Added MailCleaner to weblate translation site
– [bug] Fix firewall restart status
– [translation] Added support for languages: Albanian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Hindi, Norwegian Bokmål (nb_NO), Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Swedish.
– [ui] Removed warnings about „Purging environment“ in Exim
– [ui] Added script: [-c ] [-b] [-s] — To disable/enable the wizard (per MailCleaner)
– [bug, db] Possible desynchronization during wizard process has been removed
– [ui] Warning for unchanged default password for VM

2017.09 JESSIE – Third quarter 2017 improvements   
– Configuration / backup network interface (
– ‎Possibility to change MailCLeaner’s host ID (this feature does not apply to cluster configurations)
– Automatic update of MailCleaner code (rolling updates)
– ‎ClamAV and ClamSpam now include cld, cvd and compressed files in their accepted signature db files
– ‎[bug] Corrected: ClamAV update process does not require ClamAV to be running anynmore. ClamAV will start even if its database is not present or corrupted.
– ‎[bug] Corrected: if the slave database is not available to update a spam or newsletter status, another try will be performed upon recovery
– ‎Auto-configuration feature added (Enterprise Edition only): daily auto download and apply of our maintained reference configuration.
– ‎Possibility to whitelist ClamSpam rules (For such cases, please ask our support team per ticket)
– [bug] ‎Chunking bug corrected by disabling chunking as advised by Exim team.
– ‎[ui] TLS warning hidden between internal stage.

2017.09 JESSIE – General improvments   
– Better spoofing protection
– MailCleaner „Configurator Wizard“ added
– Apache updated to version 2.4.25 (64bits) and Php to version 5.6.29
– ‎New Apache configuration with updated Cyphers
– Exim updated to version 4.88 #2
– Perl updated to version 5.20.2 (correction of a lot of bugs in Custom modules, MailScanner and SpamAssassin parsing)
– Security issues have been fixed
– MailCleaner custom kernel has been replaced by the Debian default kernel (future updates will be easier)
– Real time filtering switches for .js/.jse , .docm/.dotm , .wsf : in archives or not (activation made only through command line)
– Update system moved to git
– Public released code on GitHub
– New registration page for Enterprise or Community (optionnal)
– New graphical theme
– Tooltips for feature descriptions (admin interface)
– Two new languages: Italian and Dutch (user interface only)

2016061501 - 2016.06 upgrade
- (feature, filtering) Added black list for system, domain and user.
- (feature, filtering) Added new anti-spoofing detection.
- (feature, admin gui) Added partial Tooltip documentation for admin gui.
- (feature, filtering) Added news RBLs: Invaluement SIP, SIP-INV, SIP24.
- (feature, translation) Added IT translation for user interface.
- (feature, translation) Added Dutch translation for user interface.
- (feature, system) New Watchdog system to intercept known bugs before correction.
- (bugfix, system) Fixed locales installation to en-us.UTF-8.
- (bugfix, filtering) Fixed subject encoding issue with newsletters.
- (bugfix, filtering) Fixed DOCX blocked as executeable.
- (bugfix, log) Added SQL binary log cleaning.
- (bugfix, filtering) Fixed score increase when ClamSpam or UriRBLs answer is too big.
- (bugfix, antivirus) Fixed ClamAV bad parsing for fr locales.
- (bugfix, system) Moved package system to archive.
- (bugfix, system) Fixed a specific situation where patch version could regress.
- (improvment, filtering) Disable
- (improvment, filtering) Newsletters rules auto update.
- (improvment, system) Updated DB schema to allow check_db auto repair.
- (improvment, filtering) Force retain newsletters in quarantine for new Mailcleaner installations.
- (improvment, system) Added employee keys for support
- (improvment, system) Removed company global key for support

2016013101 - 2016.01 upgrade    
- (bugfix, UI) Fixed missing translations in reset password form.
- (bugfix, security) Fixed XSS vulnerability in login form.
- (bugfix, security) Removed PHPINFO page.
- (bugfix, UI) Removed PHP WARNING messages.
- (bugfix, filtering) Removed legacy RBL.
- (improvment, filtering) Added ClamAV SecuriteInfo signatures.
- (improvment, filtering) Added new RBLs.
- (improvment, filtering) Added Kaspersky Anti-Virus module.
- (improvment, filtering) Added Newsletter's module.

2015063001 - 2015.06 upgrade   
- (bugfix, admin gui) - Each administrator account has now a unique name
- (bugfix, filtering) - Better detection of messages and attachments in foreign languages (Chinese and Hebrew tested, probably some others concerned)
- (bugfix, filtering) - Better detection of new Microsoft Office documents (xlsx, docx, dat etc...)
- (bugfix, maintenance) - Clean spam quarantine beginning by a number in database (spam_num)
- (improvement, maintenance) - To limit inodes consumption, count files are now purged (one year retention period)
- (bugfix, translation) - Some German translation were corrected
- (improvement, filtering) - The EPS attachment type was added and is allowed by default
- (bugfix, typography) - The word Codabase was corrected: Codebase
- (bugfix, admin gui) - The content quarantine is now correctly sorted on both date and time
- (bugfix, admin gui) - Unescaped character prevent message release
- (bugfix, admin gui) - Invalid character in headers corrupts quarantine message display
- (bugfix, admin gui) - Single quote in local part of email address prevents a lot of things
- (improvement, MC team tools) - Big improvements about reporting false-positive to (Delays and future filtering greatly improved). Same thing planned for false-negative reported to

2014120101 - minor upgrade
- (security, admin gui) - set Cypher priority
- (security, admin gui) - support of TLS v1.1 v1.2
- (upgrade, os) - major upgrade of ClamAV (clamd & ClamSpam), openssl

2014102101 - 2014.10 upgrade   
- (improvement, smtp) - changed LDAP callout behavior to accept on failure
- (improvement, filtering) - added X-Auto-Response-Suppress on detected spams
- (bugfix, filtering) - fixed potential white space before subject in quarantined messages
- (bugfix, admin gui) - increased the Trusted IPs/Network field size
- (feature, smtp) - added authenticated users blocking list
- (bugfix, smtp) - fixed LDAP quoting
- (improvement, os) - improved IPv6 firewalling support
- (improvement, smtp) - increased limit in SPF included resolutions
- (feature, filtering) - added avoidable hosts list in PreRBls module
- (feature, filtering) - added support for optional MessageSniffer module
- (feature, gui) - added auto-detection of starttls on LDAP connector
- (bugfix, admin gui) - cleaning of some output in logs view
- (improvement, admin gui) - changed defaults for DKIM DNS record information to match current recommendations
- (improvement, os) - added Squeeze LTS for long support security updates
- (upgrade, os) - major upgrade of Apache, MySQL, PHP and SpamAssassin packages
- (upgrade, security) - removed usage of SSLv3

2013121801 - minor update

- (feature, smtp) - Added full DMARC support, including optional reporting
- (feature, filtering) - added checks of hostname-domain pairs of well know mail senders to avoid PreRBLs hits
- (improvement, filtering) - improved handling of corrupted TNEF archives
- (improvement, http) - improved SSL security
- (improvement, smtp) - added NTLM authentication support
- (improvement, smtp) - LDAP callout now accept messages on query failure (instead of temporary rejection)
- (feature, smtp) - added SMTP authentication cache

2013100802 - minor update

- (feature, user) - address grouping in user's quarantine and summary
- (improvement, admin gui) - improved display of connection error between hosts
- (improvement, admin gui) - hiding of SSL certificate key
- (improvement, system) - remove useless TRACE/TRACK options of HTTP server
- (improvement, system) - improved update check and download

2013073001 - upgrade

- (feature, user) - added bypass all filtering option
- (feature, admin gui) - added local address verification connector
- (feature, admin gui) - added automatic password generation for local user
- (feature, smtp) - added smtp_accept_max_per_connection option
- (feature, user) - added digest links for automatic login
- (improvement, admin gui) - improved SSL/TLS handling with LDAP connectors
- (improvement, filtering) - improved CommTouch plugin integration
- (improvement, filtering) - improved UriRBL handling of urls
- (feature, smtp) - added recipient blacklist
- (improvement, filtering) - improved prefilters handling of large messages
- (feature, filtering) - added MailCleaner whitelist
- (fix, filtering) - fixed IPv6 handling for TrustedSources prefilter
- (improvement, filtering) - improved ClamSpam dataset downloads
- (fix, admin gui) - increased timeout value when releasing blocked content
- (improvement, gui) - changed password scheme to crypt-sha512

2012021601 - upgrade

- (feature, updates) - added RSS feed information
- (feature, admin gui) - added information on tracing panel
- (feature, admin gui) - downloadable log extracts from tracing panel
- (feature, admin gui) - added callout cache clearing button
- (feature, filtering) - added option for rejecting bad reverse DNS at SMTP level
- (feature, filtering) - added option to avoid PreRBLs check when SPF record is good (to avoid hotmail, gmail, etc.. from being blocked)
- (feature, admin gui) - added per domain/user external archiving option
- (feature, admin gui) - added per domain/user "send a copy to" option
- (feature, admin gui) - added Reply-To option for error messages
- (feature, system) - full IPv6 support
- (feature, admin gui) - added IPv6 and IPv4 virtual IPs management
- (feature, API) - added user and address management API

2011082901 - upgrade
- (improvement, admin gui) - improved status display of hosts with automatic reloading
- (improvement, admin gui) - added all SMTP level statistics (rejection, relaying, etc...)
- (improvement, admin gui) - added system hardware statistics (i/o, network, etc...)
- (feature, user gui) - added dugest summary mode
- (improvement, admin gui) - added system mail sender address (for summaries, can now be different that support address)
- (feature, SMTP relaying) - added full DKIM signing/verifying
- (feature, SMTP relaying) - added full BATV signing/verifying
- (feature, SMTP) - added option for rejecting bad SPF at SMTP level
- (feature, filtering) - added option for rejecting messages from the same domain (anti-spoofing, per domain)
- (feature, filtering) - added option for rejecting incoming/relaying unencrypted session (per domain)
- (improvement, admin gui) - added new domain configuration panel for outgoing relay options
- (improvement, SMTP relaying) - added option to prevent relaying messages from unknown domain
- (improvement, admin gui) - added better SSL/TLS certificate handling in web gui (immediate check of validity)
- (feature, filtering) - added SPF dnslist in TrustedSources module
- (feature, monitoring) - added new MailCleaner official SNMP MIB
- (feature, admin) - added RESTFull and SOAP API for external domains management

2011051201 - Exim upgrade to 4.76
2011050601 - Exim upgrade for CVE-2011-1764
2010122001 - upgrade to 2010.4